[Tweak] My TOP 10 FREE Tweaks for iOS7

The list below are not ranked by number. (will add pictures later)

1. Activator

I have to say this a must have tweak for all jailbreakers, you can create a lot of actions and gestures to do certain activation that you want. For example, you can set swipe right at statusbar to activate Switcher. The developer himself is a well known person (Ryan Petrich), he have made tons of cool essential tweaks and Activator is one of his most successful creation.

Repo: Default BigBoss repo
Repo(alt): (latest beta version)

2. f.lux

f.lux is a tweak that helps your eye feels a lot warmer and less painful when using your phone late at night or at dark place. It adds a layer of amber like which automatically change depending on your current local time. If you love it you can also download it for your computer :

Repo: Default Cydia/Telesphoreo repo

3. FlipControlCenter

This is one of the tweaks made by Ryan Petrich. Among its other rivals, I prefer FlipControlCenter because of the ability to change toggles by adding flipswitch toggles which can be found everywhere in Cydia.

Repo: Default BigBoss repo

4. PasswordPilot

The tweaks that save your Apple password and allowing you quickly download apps from appstore without entering your password. One tips for you if you scared someone used your phone and made unwanted purchases - do not save the whole password, instead leave the last 1 or 2 empty which you will need to enter later.

Repo: Default BigBoss repo

5. SwipeSelection

You can easily go through your text by swiping across the keyboard. You can also highlight text by using 1 finger to hold shift/delete button and another finger swipe to highlight.

Repo: Default BigBoss repo

6. Zeppelin

Change your carrier name into logo. You can find tons of images and logo that support Zeppelin in Cydia.

Repo: Default ModMyi repo

7. BytaFont 2

This is the latest version of BytaFont which is working for iOS7. You can change all the font system wide and also be able to choose which font for certain part.

Repo: Default ModMyi repo

8. BlurEnabler

If you are an iPhone 4 user and wanted the blur effects like in iPhone 5, this tweaks will do so. It will blur as what iPhone 5 have including ControlCenter, NotificationCenter and even the notification. There are no preferences and it works flawlessly without slowing down your iPhone.


9. iCleaner Pro

The best cleaning tweak available in Cydia (for me). It helps you clean unnecessary files from your devices. You can even manage your MobileSubstrate addons and Preference Bundles.


10. StoreAlert

This tweak will pops up a prompt if you're going to open a link to appstore. It also works with the current bug Cydia having at certain repo where it automatically jumps you to a random apps at appstore.

Repo: Default BigBoss repo.

So thats all basically my top 10 free tweaks that I personally like. How about you? What tweaks that you prefer the most? Leave some comment below and while you're here why not join a giveaway I've made here: Giveaway page