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Best Apps and Tweaks for your jailbreaked iPhone/iPod (Part 1)

OK, for this 1st part, I will show you guys 10 of my favorite tweaks that you can get through Cydia:

Barrel (8/10)
-this tweaks does not do anything but gives best 3D effects to the iPhone SpringBoard. It gives a 3D like effect when you navigate (swipe) through your springboard. Their latest update, they added up 'Flippy' which gives an effect like you are flipping through books.

Activator (8.5/10)
-another favorite tweaks of mine is called Activator. You can assign a button to do various thing like taking screen shots, launching an app, play ipod songs, activate/deactivate Wi-Fi and lots more. You can also change the function of a button with another button.

Graviboard (7/10)
-This is one of my funny tweaks XD , it allows you to add gravity on your SpringBoard. Double Tap status bar to activate (by default) and see your icon drop n bouncing around your screen. Interact with the icon using your finger or just rotate your iPhone/iPod and see its move like there are gravity exist inside your iDevice. To deactivate, just double tap status bar again and the apps will rearrange themselves.

Springtomize (9/10)
-Springtomize is a tweaks that combine tons of different tweaks in one. Once you install it, you will see that it can allow you to make changes on everything throughout your iPhone/iPod. Choose your preference, once you're done, respring and see the changes you've made.


CyDelete (8/10)
-from the name itself you can know right what this tweaks can do? ;) still don't know? This tweaks allow you to delete Cydia Apps (by default you need to remove it through cydia) like deleting other apps.

WinterBoard (8.5/10)
-this is one of my oldest tweaks i had ever used. It allows you to make changes on your theme and even change the default sound. Download more themes in Cydia and change your theme to look different from others.

Lockdown Pro (8/10)
-scared of your small brother that accidently lunch an app and make changes to your system? have any secret to kept? this tweaks allow you lock your apps and need password to open it (like the default iPhone/iPod lock).

Multiflow (7/10)
-this is an interesting tweaks that allows you to change through running apps just like the default iPhone/iPod multitask. You can also kill those running apps.


SBSettings (9/10)
-this tweaks is a must for all jailbroken iPhone/iPod. It allows you to do various thing. Its fast and can be activate at anywhere (even when running other apps). You can put various shortcuts and even assign some apps for a quick launch. Kills app and free your memory in just a tap. You can also Reboot, Power off and even enter the safe mode through it's shortcuts.

LockInfo (8/10)
-change your default lockscreen looks even better. You can just view your notifications directly from your lockscreen. Download various of plugin from Cydia to make it even cooler.

Add this repository first:

BigBoss and ModMyi should be there by default.

How to add repository for your Cydia:
Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit (top right) > Add (top left)

Jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 are now available!

iOS 4.3.2
iOS 4.3.2 Updates :
  • Fixes some issue that prevented some internationals users from connecting to 3G network on iPad WiFi + 3G
  • Fixes issue that occasionally caused blank or frozen video during FaceTime (iOS 4.3.1).
  • Contains latest security updates.
  • Patched the exploit used in the recent untethered iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak. (it seems that they didnt fix this)
Jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 are now available for : (only tethered)
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4G
  • iPod Touch 3G
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • iPad 1
You can jailbreak using :-
  • Pwnage Tool
  • Redsn0w
  • Sn0wBreeze

More information and firmware files can be found here :

Foursquare : Check-In!

'Check-in!' recognize this?
As you can see, people are getting into this thing.
'check-in'-to places of your current places and earn badges on the go!
Every check-ins you will gain some points.
Compare and compete your points with your friends.
Share pictures of the places you have visited.
Drop in some tips for others to see what happening there.
Add some 'to-do' things to tell others what to do when visiting that place.
Share your check-ins with Facebook & Twitter.
Get it for free from itunes! (check links below)

Information :
Website -
iTunes - foursquare

MY RATE : 8/10

1Password : Your No.1 password vaults

This is one of my favorite apps in my iPhone.
Save your passwords, notes, accounts, login details, software details, and wallet items.
You can even generate and save those generated password.
Set your auto-lock password and master password for better security and best of all, you can sync it with your Dropbox account for backup and restore (also available for Mac, Windows and Linux).

- saves web usernames and passwords
- built in browser
- encrypted data backups
- sync to Dropbox accounts
- supports multi-tasking

Website -
iTunes - 1Password Pro
           - 1Password

MY RATE : 9/10

AllSync : Sync contacts from different sources

This apps did a well job done! You can sync your contacts from various kind of source directly on air to your iPhone contacts.
Sync source :
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Orkut
4. Google Account
5. Linkedin
6. Myspace
7. Netlog
8. Plaxo

Just choose and let it sync.It will automatically matched your contacts or you can edit which contacts to sync to which contacts in your iPhone. If you don't have the contacts in your iPhone, just add it up if you want it to.

Website -
iTunes - AllSync
Twitter -

MY RATE : 8.5/10