[Tweak] My TOP 10 FREE Tweaks for iOS7

The list below are not ranked by number. (will add pictures later)

1. Activator

I have to say this a must have tweak for all jailbreakers, you can create a lot of actions and gestures to do certain activation that you want. For example, you can set swipe right at statusbar to activate Switcher. The developer himself is a well known person (Ryan Petrich), he have made tons of cool essential tweaks and Activator is one of his most successful creation.

Repo: Default BigBoss repo
Repo(alt): (latest beta version)

2. f.lux

f.lux is a tweak that helps your eye feels a lot warmer and less painful when using your phone late at night or at dark place. It adds a layer of amber like which automatically change depending on your current local time. If you love it you can also download it for your computer :

Repo: Default Cydia/Telesphoreo repo

3. FlipControlCenter

This is one of the tweaks made by Ryan Petrich. Among its other rivals, I prefer FlipControlCenter because of the ability to change toggles by adding flipswitch toggles which can be found everywhere in Cydia.

Repo: Default BigBoss repo

4. PasswordPilot

The tweaks that save your Apple password and allowing you quickly download apps from appstore without entering your password. One tips for you if you scared someone used your phone and made unwanted purchases - do not save the whole password, instead leave the last 1 or 2 empty which you will need to enter later.

Repo: Default BigBoss repo

5. SwipeSelection

You can easily go through your text by swiping across the keyboard. You can also highlight text by using 1 finger to hold shift/delete button and another finger swipe to highlight.

Repo: Default BigBoss repo

6. Zeppelin

Change your carrier name into logo. You can find tons of images and logo that support Zeppelin in Cydia.

Repo: Default ModMyi repo

7. BytaFont 2

This is the latest version of BytaFont which is working for iOS7. You can change all the font system wide and also be able to choose which font for certain part.

Repo: Default ModMyi repo

8. BlurEnabler

If you are an iPhone 4 user and wanted the blur effects like in iPhone 5, this tweaks will do so. It will blur as what iPhone 5 have including ControlCenter, NotificationCenter and even the notification. There are no preferences and it works flawlessly without slowing down your iPhone.


9. iCleaner Pro

The best cleaning tweak available in Cydia (for me). It helps you clean unnecessary files from your devices. You can even manage your MobileSubstrate addons and Preference Bundles.


10. StoreAlert

This tweak will pops up a prompt if you're going to open a link to appstore. It also works with the current bug Cydia having at certain repo where it automatically jumps you to a random apps at appstore.

Repo: Default BigBoss repo.

So thats all basically my top 10 free tweaks that I personally like. How about you? What tweaks that you prefer the most? Leave some comment below and while you're here why not join a giveaway I've made here: Giveaway page

[Tweak] Assistive+

This is one of a kind tweak that Apple should reconsider with their AssistiveTouch(AT). Older iDevice users might have issues with their homebutton where sometimes it did not detects that you're pressing it and you might be using AT as replacement of that. Well Assistive+ tweak is way much better alternatives for the stock AT. 

This tweak allows you to simulate the exact behaviour of what your homebutton could do.
Single press - Home
Double press - Activate Switcher
Triple press - LockDevice

Not just that, you can even add up to 8 FlipSwitch toggles. To activate this you need to press and hold on it and it will show the toggles as shown at the left, then slide your finger to the desired toggles and release to launch it.

You can also customize the appearance such as colour, fade-out alpha, and even the size of it depending on how you like it to be. All the customization can be done in Settings.

It also allows you to set up the behaviour like AT where it snaps to the border of the screen or disable it where you can drag it anywhere you like.

You can try the app for free by installing the lite version Assistive with limited functionality.

Price: $1.49
Repo: Default BigBoss repo

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[Tweak] CameraTweak 2 (iOS 7)

A new version of CameraTweak 2 (iOS 7) had just been released. As for previous user of CameraTweak for iOS 6, I have to say Im quite impress with this new updates.

The UI blends well with the new iOS 7 stock theme. I even love the way you just need to swipe up to show  the menu and swipe down to hide it. You can also enable/disable the advance mode right from the menu itself. The resolution can be changed as what you want it to be. It is different depends on what iDevice you're using.

I've taken several pictures to see the difference in resolution, I had tried not to move my hand and position my phone the same distance for all pictures taken.
View it --> here

One of the coolest feature is you can take photo(same resolution as the current video filming) while filming and you can also enable advance mode.

I have not tested all of it function yet, I might do some update later on.
For those who have bought the previous version can buy this new one for only $0.99.

Price: $1.49
Repo: Default BigBoss repo

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p/s: Im using iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.4

[Update] Cylinder

In this new update the Cylinder tweak are now allowing user to choose multiple animations effect to combine. Also there are tons new effect added that were made by the dev and some community members.
You can combine all of the effects to make a wacky kind of animations but it will lag your screen.

My favourite combination is just fade + spin
So, have you use this tweak? What combinations that you really like the most? Leave some comments below. ;-)

More info on what Cylinder is >>here<<

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[Teaser] Upcoming tweak! Accordion Switcher

Accordion Switcher tweak allows you to adjust your snapshot back and forth like an accordion. The way it works is by pinching two fingers on your screen to pull all the snapshot closer together and spread to push all snapshot away.

In the settings you can enable/disable the tweak and also there are 3 different icon behaviour you can choose from.
  1. None : Completely removes the icon below snapshot.
  2. Locked to snapshot : The icon stays below snapshot and overlaps with other icons.
  3. Normal : The distance between multiple icons stays the same as stock.

Frankly speaking the idea and design is great but for me that barely have multiple running apps on background, I wouldn't use this much. For now the tweak got some slight lag and buggy sometimes (a bit late detecting my pinching motion). The dev are well informed and working on the performance issues.

This tweak is still under beta-phase and pricing are still not confirmed yet. Stay tuned for the updates.

Meanwhile you can see video preview of the tweak >>here<<

*Special thanks to /u/broganminer for allowing me to test it and make this short review.*

[Tweak] ColorBadges

ColorBadges tweak have been released and available at BigBoss repo for $0.99!
It performs well enough as mentioned.

update from this post: [Teaser] Upcoming New Tweak ColorBadges

[Update] Cylinder: Combine multiple effects

There will soon be an update for Cylinder mentioned by the devs on his twitter >>here<<. Its how you could make multiple transition animations along your springboard page.

For now before the update, you can just combine Barrel with Cylinder to make that effects.

* Post update for [Tweak] Cylinder *

[Tips] Invoke Activator actions by sending messages from other phone

There might be a time when your iPhone was stole by someone and he happens to know a lot about it and quickly disable location services to disable real time tracking on iCloud server.

So here's a tips on how you can invoke an action using Activator to enable back location services by sending a message with magic words using other phone.

  1. Open Activator.
  2. Tap Anywhere and tap the edit button on top right.
  3. Tap Received Message.
  4. Leave alone the 'Sender' and put any magic word on 'Message' (example: I put 'TURNONLOC' as my magic word.)
  5. Once done back to Anywhere.
  6. Scroll down and find 'Received Message' and you should see your magic word there.
  7. Tap on it and choose these (just my recommendation) under 'Switches (Activate)':
    • Location Services
    • Wi-Fi
    • Cellular Data
  8. Tap on 'Back' and you're good to go.
What it do is whenever your iPhone receive a message with TURNONLOC as one of the word it will activate the action that you choose above. The reason there is no space because if you got a message with let say turn in it, it will activate the action too.

This tip was originally gotten from here (credit to: /u/wild_a)

[Teaser] Upcoming New Tweak ColorBadges

ColorBadges allows you to have colourful badge on your app which matches the major colour of the app.
It also have border which (for me) making it looks even cooler. No preferences in Settings to setup, just install and good to go.

I've played around with it for few hours now and so far there is no issues with other tweaks accept for Boover.

This tweak is still under development and currently in Beta. No info yet about the pricing. Stay tune for more info of this tweak.

[Tips] Add Favourite menu using Activator

  1. Open Activator.
  2. Tap 'Menus'.
  3. Tap 'Add New Menu'.
  4. Give a title for your menu (example: Favourite) and tap add.
  5. Once created tap your menu.
  6. Tap 'Add Action'.
  7. Choose the app that you want to launch.
  8. Back to main Activator page.
  9. Tap where you want to launch it like 'Anywhere'. 
  10. Choose the gesture that you want to activate the menu. (example: Slide along screen right; Drag bottom to top)
  11. Find your menu and choose it.
  12. Enjoy! :D
*If you don't want your menu to launch at Lockscreen just go back to main page and choose 'At Lock Screen', find the gesture and disable it.

[Tweak] Cylinder

Have you ever heard of the tweak name 'Barrel'? If you knew about it then you would love this new tweak called 'Cylinder'. This new tweak works similarly like Barrel, you can choose what animation you want when scrolling through pages on your springboard.

On this moment there are only several animations to choose from, but the dev give instruction how to code yourself a new animation and there will be a community download page where you can download animation made by other users.

For now its still in beta and can be obtain from the repo below.

Price: TBA

You can join the discussion >>here<<

[Tweak] Weasel

Weasel might be the tweak that you guys been waiting for. It have the ability to do quick search on anywhere with an Activator gesture.

Some of the abilities that this tweak have is:
  • Activate with Activator gestures
  • Search the name of apps, contacts, and music (can be instantly play without launching Music app)
  • Search the web
  • Type "define <word>" to lookup to dictionary of the meaning of the <word> (can choose and download various dictionary)
  • Can do quick calculation (almost similar to WolframAlpha)
  • Type 'system' and you will get system commands like Respring, Reboot, Power off, Turn on/off WiFi
  • Many more for the upcoming updates

You can view a quick preview here: [YouTube] Preview: iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak - Weasel

Price: $1.99 
Repo: Default BigBoss repo

More info can be found at their main site:

[Tweak] GuestMode

Your friends want to play a game using your iPhone but you're scared of them accessing your private photo collection? Why not giving them access to your phone with certain privileges.

GuestMode tweak is what you need. It gives you the ability to choose what privileges your guest could get access to it. There are many to choose from including Notification Center, Control Center, App Switcher, Spotlight and many more.

You can choose several ways to enter GuestMode.

Example of the 'Guest' button.

You can also choose what apps for your guest to access. From the picture below, any disable apps will be faded. By default guest can access all folder but only enabled apps can be open.

So far so good, I have never encounter any reboot or safemode issues while in GuestMode. Even Activator action or flipswitch to launch a disabled apps are suppressed in GuestMode.

edit: After few days using it, I notice there is a slight of lag when first entering passcode after a respring/reboot, after that the lag is gone. Some users (/r/jailbreak) claimed that they still have that lag and it was gone after removing this tweak. Im not sure myself what could be the problem but it might be because of the device itself and/or tweaks that user have on their iDevice. The devs already heard about it and will come out with a fix in future update.

Price: $0.99
Repo: Default BigBoss repo

The dev can be contacted via his Twitter: @ianb821

:: Thanks to Ian Burns(@ianb821) for giving me early access to GuestMode for this review ::

[Tweak] Alkaline

Alkaline is one of a kind tweak which allows you to change the battery icon. The theme for the battery are customizable and there are tons to choose from which were made by jailbreak community.

The default theme is the 'Bolus' but you can find more in Cydia.

Price: FREE
Repo: Default ModMyi repo

[Tweak] f.lux

f.lux is a tweak that makes the screen to be a bit yellowish which reduces eye pains when viewing your device especially in dark places.

You need to set up your location from the app in order for it to automatically change the yellowish tint according to your current timezone.

If you love what it do for your iDevice, then you should try it on your PC, download it here:

Price: FREE

[News] iPhone 4 Jailbreak tweaks

I will post some working jailbreak tweaks for iPhone 4 with iOS 7.0.4