[Tweak] Assistive+

This is one of a kind tweak that Apple should reconsider with their AssistiveTouch(AT). Older iDevice users might have issues with their homebutton where sometimes it did not detects that you're pressing it and you might be using AT as replacement of that. Well Assistive+ tweak is way much better alternatives for the stock AT. 

This tweak allows you to simulate the exact behaviour of what your homebutton could do.
Single press - Home
Double press - Activate Switcher
Triple press - LockDevice

Not just that, you can even add up to 8 FlipSwitch toggles. To activate this you need to press and hold on it and it will show the toggles as shown at the left, then slide your finger to the desired toggles and release to launch it.

You can also customize the appearance such as colour, fade-out alpha, and even the size of it depending on how you like it to be. All the customization can be done in Settings.

It also allows you to set up the behaviour like AT where it snaps to the border of the screen or disable it where you can drag it anywhere you like.

You can try the app for free by installing the lite version Assistive with limited functionality.

Price: $1.49
Repo: Default BigBoss repo

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