[Teaser] Upcoming tweak! Accordion Switcher

Accordion Switcher tweak allows you to adjust your snapshot back and forth like an accordion. The way it works is by pinching two fingers on your screen to pull all the snapshot closer together and spread to push all snapshot away.

In the settings you can enable/disable the tweak and also there are 3 different icon behaviour you can choose from.
  1. None : Completely removes the icon below snapshot.
  2. Locked to snapshot : The icon stays below snapshot and overlaps with other icons.
  3. Normal : The distance between multiple icons stays the same as stock.

Frankly speaking the idea and design is great but for me that barely have multiple running apps on background, I wouldn't use this much. For now the tweak got some slight lag and buggy sometimes (a bit late detecting my pinching motion). The dev are well informed and working on the performance issues.

This tweak is still under beta-phase and pricing are still not confirmed yet. Stay tuned for the updates.

Meanwhile you can see video preview of the tweak >>here<<

*Special thanks to /u/broganminer for allowing me to test it and make this short review.*

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