[Tweak] CameraTweak 2 (iOS 7)

A new version of CameraTweak 2 (iOS 7) had just been released. As for previous user of CameraTweak for iOS 6, I have to say Im quite impress with this new updates.

The UI blends well with the new iOS 7 stock theme. I even love the way you just need to swipe up to show  the menu and swipe down to hide it. You can also enable/disable the advance mode right from the menu itself. The resolution can be changed as what you want it to be. It is different depends on what iDevice you're using.

I've taken several pictures to see the difference in resolution, I had tried not to move my hand and position my phone the same distance for all pictures taken.
View it --> here

One of the coolest feature is you can take photo(same resolution as the current video filming) while filming and you can also enable advance mode.

I have not tested all of it function yet, I might do some update later on.
For those who have bought the previous version can buy this new one for only $0.99.

Price: $1.49
Repo: Default BigBoss repo

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p/s: Im using iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.4

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