[Tweak] Weasel

Weasel might be the tweak that you guys been waiting for. It have the ability to do quick search on anywhere with an Activator gesture.

Some of the abilities that this tweak have is:
  • Activate with Activator gestures
  • Search the name of apps, contacts, and music (can be instantly play without launching Music app)
  • Search the web
  • Type "define <word>" to lookup to dictionary of the meaning of the <word> (can choose and download various dictionary)
  • Can do quick calculation (almost similar to WolframAlpha)
  • Type 'system' and you will get system commands like Respring, Reboot, Power off, Turn on/off WiFi
  • Many more for the upcoming updates

You can view a quick preview here: [YouTube] Preview: iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak - Weasel

Price: $1.99 
Repo: Default BigBoss repo

More info can be found at their main site:

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