[Tweak] GuestMode

Your friends want to play a game using your iPhone but you're scared of them accessing your private photo collection? Why not giving them access to your phone with certain privileges.

GuestMode tweak is what you need. It gives you the ability to choose what privileges your guest could get access to it. There are many to choose from including Notification Center, Control Center, App Switcher, Spotlight and many more.

You can choose several ways to enter GuestMode.

Example of the 'Guest' button.

You can also choose what apps for your guest to access. From the picture below, any disable apps will be faded. By default guest can access all folder but only enabled apps can be open.

So far so good, I have never encounter any reboot or safemode issues while in GuestMode. Even Activator action or flipswitch to launch a disabled apps are suppressed in GuestMode.

edit: After few days using it, I notice there is a slight of lag when first entering passcode after a respring/reboot, after that the lag is gone. Some users (/r/jailbreak) claimed that they still have that lag and it was gone after removing this tweak. Im not sure myself what could be the problem but it might be because of the device itself and/or tweaks that user have on their iDevice. The devs already heard about it and will come out with a fix in future update.

Price: $0.99
Repo: Default BigBoss repo

The dev can be contacted via his Twitter: @ianb821

:: Thanks to Ian Burns(@ianb821) for giving me early access to GuestMode for this review ::

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